Steam Vent Silencer


Steam Vent Silencer

The primary noise generating mechanism is the jet of gas formed between the valve and its seat.

The steam vent silencer is used to reduce un-wanted noise generating across the valve when steam vented to atmosphere. It is mounting at the discharge of valve outlet either vertical and horizontal orientation.

Depending on the capacity and attenuation of noise level, steam vent silencer offered in combination of reactive and absorptive type.

The fluid enters into the diffuser pipe and evenly passes through absorptive section packing where the sound energy is absorbed. The diffuser pipe designed depends on pressure drop of silencer and it is mechanically designed to withstand pressure and temperature.

Vent Silencer Features
  • Support brackets
  • Lifting lugs
  • Weather cowl
  • Bird screen
  • Diffuser pipe with flange.
  • Drain nozzle
  • Boiler drum safety valve
  • Start-up valve
  • Steam blowing
  • Super heater safety valve
  • Turbine warm-up vent silencer
  • Ejector silencer

The steam vent silencer’s diffuser pipe designed and manufactured and supplied according to ASME Sec VIII Div 1.

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