Does Verizon Buy Out Contracts from Sprint

If you`re considering switching from Sprint to Verizon, one of the questions you may have is whether Verizon will buy out your contract with Sprint. The short answer is yes, Verizon does offer a contract buyout option for customers who are looking to switch to their network.

Verizon`s contract buyout program is designed to help customers who are currently locked into a contract with another carrier make the switch to Verizon without having to pay for their old contract. The program offers up to $650 in credit to cover the cost of early termination fees and other related costs.

To take advantage of the contract buyout program, customers need to:

1. Port their number to Verizon and activate a new line of service.

2. Trade-in their old phone, if required.

3. Submit their final bill from their previous carrier, which should include the cost of any termination fees.

Once these steps are completed, Verizon will issue a prepaid Mastercard with the value of the buyout amount. This amount can be used to pay off the remaining balance of the customer`s old contract and related fees.

It`s important to note that there are some terms and conditions associated with Verizon`s contract buyout program. For example, customers need to be in good standing with their old carrier and pay their final bill in full. Additionally, the program is only available for a limited time and may be subject to change.

Overall, if you`re looking to switch from Sprint to Verizon and want to avoid paying for your old contract, the contract buyout program may be a good option for you. Just make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully and follow the steps outlined by Verizon to ensure a smooth transition to their network.