Subject Verb Agreement Exercise for Class 9

Subject-verb agreement is an important aspect of English grammar that ensures proper communication. In class 9, students are expected to have a good grasp of this concept. To help students enhance their understanding and practice, here is an exercise on subject-verb agreement.


Complete the following sentences with the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. The dog (bark) _______________ at the postman every day.

2. The team of players (play) _______________ well together.

3. My friends (enjoy) _______________ pizza on Fridays.

4. Mathematics (be) _______________ a challenging subject for many students.

5. My sister and I (be) _______________ planning a trip to the beach.

6. The committee members (disagree) _______________ on the budget proposal.

7. Each of the students (have) _______________ a different opinion.

8. The company (announce) _______________ its new product launch next week.

9. The choir (sing) _______________ beautifully at the concert.

10. Several items (go) _______________ missing from the store.


1. barks

2. play

3. enjoy

4. is

5. are

6. disagree

7. has

8. will announce

9. sang

10. have gone


In sentence number 1, the subject “dog” is singular, so the verb “bark” needs to be in singular form i.e. “barks”. Similarly, in sentence number 2, the subject “team of players” is a collective noun that represents a group, so the verb “play” needs to be in plural form i.e. “play”.

In sentence number 6, the subject “committee members” is a plural noun, so the verb “disagree” needs to be in plural form. Additionally, in sentence number 7, the subject “each” is a singular pronoun and requires the singular verb “has”.

In sentence number 10, the subject “items” is plural, so the verb “go” needs to be in plural form i.e. “have gone”.


Subject-verb agreement is crucial for effective communication in English. This exercise has provided students with an opportunity to practice and reinforce their understanding of this concept. By paying attention to grammar rules and practicing regularly, students can improve their writing and speaking skills.